vrijdag 1 april 2011

Not LACKing comics

     When my beloved boyfriend and I decided we would live together in my apartment I wanted to make him feel welcome and at home. As my house very much screams me some touches were needed that felt like him. 'Luckily' (you'll understand the quotes as this sentence goes on) he has a hobby that makes a fruitful ground for some home-deco, that is: reading and collecting comic books (see how I feel 'luckily', a comic book nerd is moving in with me).
     Credits to whom they belong, I totally stole the following idea from the Kunstsupermarkt (art supermarket). I realise their idea is to make art more available to the general public and not to inspire me to do something that does not earn them any money, but I'm still thankful. Also, I don't think my beloved boyfriend wanted a dresser covered with Jan, Jans en de Kinderen comic book pictures. Actually I'm not too sure if he wanted a tv bench covered in Lucky Luke, but that's what he got.

Living Together Episode 1

To be continued...